Aura’s reading

The reading of auras and energetic bodies is a tool that helps to go more easily and quickly to the source or cause of a problem: whether it is a health problem, relational difficulty, problem with a place, a question about decisions to be taken, misunderstanding about a situation, difficulty in communication etc.

We have got seen body (physical) and unseen bodies (etherical, astral, mental), in which flow informations and memories (previous life, heredity (genetic)). Those records provide troubles and need to be released! Making a reading of your auras or energetic bodies consists in going to seek the information that will be useful to release and understand the source of the blockage. This is done with the permission of the person or parents for a child. Auras can be read remotely.

This is a complete life’s review at a precise instant moment.


Price: 120  € you will recieve your auragraphe’s draw with the interpretation recording and have a one hour visio debriefing . Solidarity price please write me trough contact us button!





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