Essential oils versus Ayurveda

Essential oil is a very rare and strong medicin that should not be used without advices by aroma-therapist, or any people that really knows about it.:  biologist, pharmacist, physician, herbalist, Terra-piste, shamans,….

First and main important thing to know,  is the huge quantity of medicinal plants you need to produce a small quantity of essential oil! For example 4000 kilos of rose’s petal are necessary to produce 1 litre of essential oil!

Also be aware about the quantity of water and energy used to provide EO, not really a sustainable example!

So, as for me , we always should  be in consciousness about it when we produce or when we use them, being in thankfulness for plants, trees, water, sun, ground , and every alive being that made them.

Their uses should be focus and healing diseases, and not as a fashion for well-being, or make-up, because they are not made for be used every day, i will explain my point after.

Actually herbals are disappearing from their native’s places because of this fashion (gaultheria procumbens, helichrysum italicum, and so many of them all over the earth ..).

Distillation by steam flow is first of all a process of extraction. Through the process the hydrosoluble components will be extracted  and released in floral water and the liposoluble components (essences) will be extracted and released at end of process in essential oils.

So, we had an integrity , a totum before distillation, with all informations of the herbal in the raw part ( whatever seeds or stems, or flowers, or roots) put in the vessel, then we have a duality, kind of separation between yin part (floral water) and yang part (essential oil)!

And their uses are completly different!

With essential oils, it sounds like something is missing, it is one step in healing but not the complete one!

The few i know about ayurveda and the way to make drugs ( dravya) there is also a separation of hydro soluble part and lipo-soluble part at the first time , but in a second time there is a new fusion between those two components through fire, heat, long cooking, long and slow evaporation, at the end only oily part resting completly impregnated by the water part! Alchemy and sublimation process.

A complete and efficient product, able to goes in every dimension and system even the invisible one. This is also the description of the process of ascension or salvation human being has to support, through his life: separations, pressures, burn…out ,  to join his divine part, his eternal and pur part! To re-member how powerfull and beautifull is his Dravya!

Once more Ayurveda, through the way she provides dravya, shoes its beauty, its universality, its spiritual teatching, always with kindness for Human being!

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