The teatching of Curryplant!

The Kingdom of plants, as far as we are concerned here, the world of medicinal plants, is fascinating whatever the gateway you choose: botanist, herbalist, doctor, pharmacist, neuroscientist, alchemist, physicist, chemist, landscaper , geographer,…. whatever the culture Ayurveda, shamanism, unani (Indian homeopathy), herbal medicine, aromatherapy… one enters without any guarantee of leaving one day… one life is not enough!

My experience is that with plants (this would also be valid for any other kingdom, the vision of the universe would be done from another angle, we revalidate the universal laws in the same way) we enter the universe as a whole, with its rhythms and its cosmic laws, in infinite realities and parallel worlds, visible and invisible, it is endless! According to our sensitivity we will reconnect astronomy, mathematics, physics, geometry, perfumes, colors, music and songs, frequencies and wavelengths, vibrations, tremors, energies, love and joy always and unconditionally!

All the informations and energies of the Universe are linked together, unified, they communicate at each moment forming the universal consciousness or universal knowledge (veda) to which, sometimes, some Beings access according to their vibratory state. Such Beings connect to the plant and access all of its information. It’s just a story of reading the right track, loading the right CD…

All of this information is already in our subtle bodies, printed in these memory fields described by the unified physics of Nassim Haramein. With plants we are truly in the living, in Life, with the key link on this wonderful planet Earth: without plants, no animals or humans, no river and its water protected on its path by trees and bushes (riverine forest), or filtered and purified during pollution (algae, ..). Without plants in this middle world, there are no or fewer colors, less perfum, less sound, less song, less art, less inspiration! Without plants, no crystalline water to spring from the rock, or a bog, no marine environments in equilibrium, only the desert, the dryness, vacuum, a lack of something…

Plants fascinate and frighten, plants teach and rectify, plants accompany, treat and heal, or poison and kill, it depends on your positioning, your look, your love! So, one day I was attracted to a rare indigo blue mountain plant, unknown to me until then. I approached her, took pictures, but didn’t touch her, which I do normally, because it is a criterion of recognition. I feel like i have to establish contact and I need to make an intuitive communication. Immediately she touchds my heart, showed me my heart, then my central channel (where the subtle cosmic and telluric energies pass), and I heared “wind, air”  “ she  sayed i keep wind , i keep air”. After checking in my books, it is an aconite napel, a medicinal herbal, which is also a major toxicant! She immediately warned me by touching my heart, her message was “I take air from the heart and send it into the central channel which translated means: I take the breath of life out of your heart!” “I appreciated the beauty of her direct message and the prudence of my Being… who had come into contact with her long before! Definitely a plant lives, breathes, vibrates, speaks and has humor and love. The world of plants is also intuitive communication, sharing, collaboration, and when I was showing my educational gardens in St Amadou in Ariège, I always said “there was a very distant time and there will be a time perhaps very near when we will no longer need to cultivate, pick, distill, dry, extract … simply establishing a contact in consciousness with the plant will be enough to exchange useful and helpful informations for us… and for herbals! “.

I have seen the botanical gardens of the new Earth, they are gardens of harmonics, geometry, high frequencies, vibrations, the plant are associated with crystals and birds, sounds, colors, scents and only crossing them allows you to keep your balance, your immunity, your health, offers yourself a moment of sharing and exchange with plants. Those gardens are provided to heal, something deep inside us is reconnected, it is to heal the planet and its kingdoms!

Helichrysum naturally imposed itself in my life, it reopened the long unused channels in my subtle bodies, it was she who first gave me its precious teachings (CF L’Enseignement du Liseron 2015, which I rightly renamed the teaching of helichrysum because it is she who gave me his teaching!). During a via ferrata in a moment of fear she immediately appeared on a olfactory way, restabilizing emotions, installing joy, peace, confidence. I was scared, I smelled her scent, I turned my head and saw her 1 meter along the rock above the void, I smiled and continued!

She positions herself as Ambassador and witness of the world of Singles, any other plant is entitled, in my eyes, to the same respect! This is the story: in 2012 I planted 300 helichysum italicum cuttings in my medicinal plant demonstration garden in Ariège. After a year I introduced them to a meadow that I had just been given. In 2015 there were only 100 left, after the St Amadou Gardens shutdown following the separation from my partner. In 2016, I managed to recover five feet that I introduced in the Fenouillédes (66). Four did not survive the landowner’s brush cutter … where I had placed them! In June 2020 I carried out the picking of the ultimate 8-year-old plant and realized with 1.2 kg of flowering tops, 2.5 liters offloral water, through a rather particular distillation with the help of 2 crystals which required to participate . The analysis of this floral water reveals, according to Daniel DANTIN of Pyrénessence, “a remarkable, exceptional, incomprehensible quality! This floral water has all the qualities of a first quality Corsican essential oil (33% Neryl acetate, italidiones I and II, and γ curcumene), and not that floral water! It contains the composition and the liposoluble molecules while the sample is indeed aqueous! It is as if this last and final distillation had revealed “its true essence” in a non-physical way, as if it had infused, impregnated, revealed in water, floral in a way other than in the matter! The 2 Yin/Yang principles merged in this essential water… to meditate!

We are moving towards a world where the plant will be fully respected just like any living being, or elemental. The Alchemy of Helichrysum is the alchemy of humanity, of each of us, who realizes how much he can sublimate and transcend everything to go from the old world to the new Earth with more sharing and openminded, with more respect for all forms of life, including medicinal plants exploited and often unrecognized!

The use of crystals in distillations make it possible to manufacture essential waters, that is to say the virtues of essential oils with the lightness and ease of use of floral waters, it is an interesting and major innovation for plants. because we will no longer need 4 tons of rose petals to make 1 liter of essential oil, 1 kg of petal for 2 liters of essential water, rare and precious water, it’s just magic: for the plant, for distillers, for users, it’s lighter for Gaia and her daughters! Realize raw material is divided by 4000 and the healing product can use just one drop because it is a informated water !

It is not a reduction it is an expression with huge multiplication for the general good!

 « For the main part of humanity in these 20th century, objectiv world , visible reality, palpable, explored by intellect, has got primacy upon subjectiv world, feeling’s world, sensation’s world ,real-life experience. Nevertheless the subjectiv world is the most important, because in the end what do you really experience is important and not what is out of you or nearby!”

Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov La vie psychique élément et structure Editions PROSVETA


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