Full Being

A personnal and unic guidance and accompaniement over 5 weeks, to renew your energies, your fire, your way!

I accompany you with a series of simple tools, all of which play a part in the expansion of consciousness needed to be as close to yourself as possible. Rediscover your autonomy in Life with Ayurveda, a science of Life that gives you a better understanding of your physical body, and a complete accompaniment and assessment on several levels via Auras and energy body readings, you will recieve basic tools to maintain your balance in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, my palette of colours and energies in the sensory journey of reconnection to the sacred Earth.

These 5 weeks  regularly go with  times of listening, accompanying, sharing and transferring!

Included in this amazing pack.

  • 2 hours of checkup and personalised aims to join in the 5 weeks.
  • 2  lectures  of aura’s and energetic bodies( one at the begining one at the end included the 2 hours of debriefing on zoom)
  • 6 hours of  training about top ten in  phytotherapy
  • 6 H of training about top ten of Aromatherapy
  • 6 H of  Training about basis of ayurveda
  • a sensorial journey with herbals, a personnal  reconnection to the sacred earth. Time nearby 1.30h
  • There is a possibility to spend 2 days with me at the place where i am, for what we call here escampades ( walk in forests, lake, in nature) for  300 euros ( not included acomodation).

The main aim is to connect you to life, and help you to be more in autonomia  with your inner self and may be find a new way for your own creation… with herbals.

Price  : 1200€  possibility to pay in several times ask me.

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