Rain bow pack

A Ma Veda’s guidance over 5 weeks, through my energies, colors, trainings, such a florilege of tools.

To renew your energies, your fire, your way!

Price  : 1200€  included


  • 2 hours of checkup and personalised aims of improvment.
  • 2  lectures  of aura’s and energetic bodies( one at the begining one at the end included the 2 hours of debriefing on zoom)
  • 1  healing with tibetains bowls
  • 6 hours of  training about top ten in  phytotherapy
  • 6 H of training about top ten of Aromatherapy
  • 6 H of  Training about basis of ayurvedic medicin
  • a sensorial journey with herbals 1.30h
  • There is a possibility to spend 2 days with me at the place where i am, for what we call here escampades ( walk in forests, lake, in nature) for  300 euros ( not included acomodation).

The main aim is to connect you to life, and help you to be more in autonomia  with your inner self and may be find a new way for your own creation… with herbals.

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